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Let the disease hide in the first time


Nuggets superconducting magnetic resonance core components, a leading independent third-party supplier in China

Industry incremental market becomes more prominent, grasp the iterative rhythm of high-end medical equipment

Sitting on top talents in the industry, verifying and practicing advanced technical concepts

International high-standard product quality, massive customer base establishes a good reputation

Accurate development strategy layout, system integration service to increase market share


Continuously improve the company's advanced position in the fields of superconducting magnetic resonance radio-frequency detectors, superconducting magnets, and gradually expand the industrial chain and application fields of superconducting magnetic resonance, and gradually transform from single component production to diversified production and services, and will “ Chenguang Medical” has become a Chinese MRI brand comparable to multinational companies.


Integrity, respect, care and dedication, cooperation and sharing

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