Walk InTo Chenguang
Walk InTo Chenguang


Let the disease disappear at the first time


Nugget superconducting magnetic resonance core components, domestic independent third-party supplier

The incremental market of the industry is becoming more prominent, and grasp the iterative rhythm of high-end medical devices

Sit with excellent talents in the industry,verify and practice advanced technical concepts

International high-level product quality,mass customer base and good reputation

Precise development strategy layout,system integration services to increase market share


Constantly improve the company's advanced position in the fields of superconducting magnetic resonance radio frequency detectors, superconducting magnets, etc,Gradually expand the industrial chain and application fields of superconducting magnetic resonance, gradually transform from single component production to diversified production and service, and build "Chenguang Medical" into a Chinese magnetic resonance brand comparable to internationally renowned magnetic resonance enterprises.


Integrity, respect, care and dedication, cooperation and sharing