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Assistant engineer/technician

Department: All



Junior college or above


A certain number or amount


1. Participate in the design of magnetic resonance RF coil. Including the debugging and testing of the RF coil circuit, the system image scanning and testing of the RF coil, and the transfer from R&D to production after the RF coil design is finalized;

2. Assist in solving technical problems in the production process;

3. Assist in writing and applying for patents;

4. Other tasks assigned by leaders;

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above in science and engineering, such as electronics, communications, physics, etc;

2. Experience in electronics; Familiar with analog circuit, digital circuit, oscilloscope and other test equipment;

3. It is better to have at least one experience in switching power supply, single chip system or PCB layout;

4. Welcome new students and interns.

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