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The vice mayor of Qingpu District and other leaders came to visit our project site in Qingpu

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Release Date:2020-10-30 17:05

        At 14:00 on December 26, 2012, Ms. Sun Ping, Standing Committee Member and Vice Mayor of Qingpu District, Shanghai, Mr. Xiao Guimin, General Manager of Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone Qingpu Park Co. Ltd. and accompanied by Mr. Wang Jie, Chairman of Shanghai Centron Medical Technology Co. After listening to the work report of Mr. Wang Jie, Vice Mayor Sun spoke highly of the Qingpu project. At the same time, he said that the government of Qingpu District will strongly support the work of the settled enterprises, establish a "green channel" for the development of enterprises, provide "one-stop" quick service for enterprises, and focus on solving the problems of land, raw materials, manpower, capital, electricity and other factors for the development of enterprises. The problem. Especially for high-tech enterprises with high development orientation, high market potential and independent innovation like Centron.