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Henan expert group visited our company

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Release Date:2020-10-28 09:12

On October 1, a group of more than 30 radiology experts, led by Mr. Cheng Jingliang, a member of the Radiological Society of Henan Province and a member of the Radiological Society of the Chinese Medical Association, visited our company. Accompanied by the company leaders, the experts went to the product exhibition hall to visit the company's R&D and production of magnetic resonance radio frequency coil products and listened to the detailed introduction of the company's chairman and general manager Dr. Wang Jie.

After that, the expert group came to the academic lecture hall for a warm academic discussion, and Dr. Wang Jie, chairman of the company, firstly expressed a warm welcome and gave a welcome speech. Mr. Cheng Jingliang made a speech in the seminar, and Dr. Zhang Songtao from the R&D department of the company introduced the products and R&D of the company in detail. The experts also put forward valuable suggestions and hopes, which provide high reference basis for our company to develop new products and improve product performance and quality.