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Experts from China Institute of Atomic Energy Science visited Centron Medical to complete the source acceptance

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Release Date:2020-10-27 17:08

Recently, the superconducting magnet, the core component of the 230 MeV superconducting proton cyclotron of CNNC, completed source acceptance at Centron Medical. This equipment is the first advanced medical equipment with independent intellectual property rights for malignant tumor proton therapy in China. The successful development of superconducting magnets will provide a strong guarantee for the achievement of the goal of the gas pedal to be built out of the beam.



 According to the report, the superconducting magnet is the core component of CNNC's "Dragon 2020" science and technology innovation project "medical cyclotron key technology and engineering research". Compared with a normal temperature cyclotron of the same energy, the weight of the main magnet can be reduced by about 3/5 and the power consumption by 3/4, which can significantly reduce the construction and operation costs of the gas pedal and improve the reliability of the operation of the gas pedal.

 At the acceptance site of Centron Medical, the expert group reviewed and confirmed the test data in accordance with the relevant requirements of the management system, witnessed the cooling of the superconducting system to liquid helium temperature, the magnet successfully reached the superconducting state and the magnetic field strength reached the theoretical design value; meanwhile, the process documentation and technical data were carefully checked and basically met the requirements, and a specific list of rectification and improvement data was proposed. It is reported that the prototype gas pedal is planned to be completed and installed around 2018, and then gradually enter the clinical testing procedure.



 It is understood that the state attaches great importance to proton/heavy ion tumor therapy at all levels. For example, in the "Guidance on Promoting the Healthy Development of Pharmaceutical Industry Key Work Departmental Division of Work Program" issued by the National Development and Reform Commission last July, proton/heavy ion tumor therapy was listed as a priority for support; during the same period, the Office of the National Inter-Ministerial Joint Conference on the Development of Strategic Emerging Industries also issued the "Strategic Emerging Industries Key Products and Services Guidance Catalog", and the proton/heavy ion cyclotron radiation therapy system In the same period, the Office of the National Inter-Ministerial Joint Conference for the Development of Strategic Emerging Industries also released the Guidance Catalogue of Key Products and Services for Strategic Emerging Industries, in which proton/heavy ion cyclotron radiation therapy systems and their high-precision treatment planning systems were included in the Guidance Catalogue.

 Proton therapy is the most advanced radiation therapy technology for tumors in the world. China currently has two medical proton therapy gas pedals, because the whole set of equipment is imported from abroad, equipment acquisition, operation and maintenance, spare parts and technical support costs are very expensive. After localization and industrialization, the treatment cost will be greatly reduced.

Information from "China Medical Technology Network"