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Chairman Wang led a team to present banners, plaques and letters of appreciation to the leaders of Zhangjiang Science Park Qingpu Campus

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Release Date:2020-10-28 09:02

The construction project of our "High Sensitivity Magnetic Resonance RF Detector Production and R&D Base" is located in Qingpu Park of Zhangjiang Science and Technology Park. The Qingpu District Government has great expectations for the introduction of our company and also hopes that the new factory can become a landmark building. General Manager Xiao Guimin, Deputy General Manager Wang Xijing, Lu Beilei, Manager of Investment Department Ma Lifeng, Project Manager Li Man and other comrades paid high attention to and supported our company in the whole process of investment, land application and auction, and construction approval. The leadership team of the park and the Planning and Construction Department took the lead in the process of our company's construction procedures and organized special meetings with relevant functional departments four times to open a green channel, so that the project started smoothly within the specified time. Due to the large scale of our new plant project, the construction area is 35174m2, the building height is 23.9m, the enclosure wall is 496m * 3.1m, the road and parking area is 4838m2, and the green area is 4860m2. The total construction period should be 786 days according to Shanghai Construction Period Quotas (2011). With the support and assistance from the park and the Ministry of Planning and Construction, the construction period of our new plant construction project lasted only 459 days, which was 327 days shorter than the standard of construction period.

Later on, when handling the relevant completion acceptance, as it involves more construction function departments, such as: lightning protection acceptance, sewage treatment, greening project completion acceptance, fire protection completion acceptance, drainage permit handling, environmental protection trial production, construction project completion acceptance, health and family planning commission completion acceptance, state-owned construction land verification, construction project completion planning acceptance, environmental protection facility completion acceptance, construction project completion acceptance filing, construction project file acceptance, motor vehicle parking completion acceptance, housing land ownership survey report, real estate property rights certificate processing, etc. In the process, the park leaders assigned vice presidents Wang Xijing and Cheng Xiaojun to regularly take the initiative to ask about the progress and solicit the needs of enterprises every week. When we encountered difficulties, they took the initiative to take the lead in organizing the relevant departments to coordinate, and Vice President Cheng and Minister Tang Liangliang of the Planning and Construction Department of the park even took the initiative to coordinate personally, which saved about half of the time for the whole tedious completion and acceptance process. Dr. Wang Jie, Chairman of Shanghai C&G Medical Technology Co., Ltd. and all the staff were very grateful for the help and support given by Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Qingpu Park. On the morning of January 7, 2015, Chairman Wang led a team to present banners, plaques and thank you letters to the leaders of Zhangjiang Science and Technology Park Qingpu Park. The leaders of the park humbly said that it was all their functional services that should be done. Mr. Xiao said sincerely that "we have not done enough" and thanked Centron Medical again for its trust in Zhangjiang Hi-tech Qingpu Park and for the affirmation of the work of the park leadership. The leaders of both sides thanked each other in a peaceful atmosphere and shook hands to present the plaque.