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Innovation is all about focusing on the bullseye

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Release Date:2020-10-28 09:04

       In the field of modern medical imaging and treatment, MRI system is an essential link. Ten years ago, Dr. Wang Jie, who returned to Shanghai from the United States to start his own business, was sensitive to the fact that there would be huge development space in this field. Ten years later, Wang Jie invested and founded Shanghai Centron Medical Technology Co., Ltd, which now ranks third in the world in this field. More than 85% of RF coils from Shanghai Centron are exported to top hospitals in Europe and America. From Hopkins Hospital in the United States to Boston Children's Hospital, you can find "Centron products"; Centron also completely break the monopoly of foreign products in China, successfully achieve import substitution and fill the gaps in the relevant fields. Detour: specializing in technology bullseye At the end of last century, the magnetic resonance imaging system achieved a major breakthrough in medical imaging, becoming the third largest diagnostic instrument after X-ray chest film and CT. With more accurate and clearer images, MRI systems soon became the new darling of clinical medicine and are now widely used in the diagnosis of oncology, orthopedics, and cerebrovascular diseases. The entrepreneur's sense of smell is exceptionally keen. As soon as MRI technology was introduced into China more than a decade ago, several innovative companies sprang up, and the development of the entire system became an instant hit. At that time, Wang Jie, who was far away from the Pacific Ocean and had accumulated several years of experience in the field of RF detectors, returned to China with a start-up capital of $30,000 and planned his dream of starting a business together with his brother who had been in the physics department of Fudan University. Instead of developing MR systems in a big way, it was better to focus on the bull's eye and attack the most difficult fortress in the system - the RF coil. Wang Jie recalled that the initial positioning of the enterprise was chosen based on two important reasons: the development of RF detectors in the country is still a blank; team members in the field of electromagnetic fields with strong R & D innovation capabilities. The trump card: not in the technology in the market People often think that high-tech enterprises seek development, the core technology is the most important trump card. Wang Jie, however, refuted the technology-only theory: for enterprises, the market is always the first. Do everything possible, the fastest time to market products, in the market to accept the test, and constantly refine innovation, only to have a foothold. The development path of Centron is exactly like this. The first generation of MRI RF coils was introduced to the market less than two years after the company was launched, followed by generations of products that have been continuousl