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Combined head and neck carotid coils
High-resolution imaging industry's highest density design, give full play to the new generation of magnetic resonance system and the ultimate performance, to create the most upper limit of the configuration. Wide range of applications head high-density array, to obtain high-quality intracranial vascular M1.M2 segment imaging; targeted carotid high-density array, to obtain excellent total carotid, internal and external carotid vessel wall high-definition imaging, the combination of the two, - a scan, to obtain craniocervical integration of a wide range of vascular imaging. Compatible parallel scanning supports parallel scanning in three directions, significantly reducing scanning time.
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Body Coil
The unique design listens to the common voice of hundreds of hospitals across the country and brings together more than ten years of design experience to reintroduce soft and hard integrated body coils. Hard lower half solid hard coils, higher strength, greater load-bearing, easy to meet all kinds of "pressure". Soft upper part of the flexible coil, stronger wrapping, tighter fit, easy to get the best quality scanning imaging.
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Head Coil
The high signal-to-noise coil is designed with an ultra-high density array structure to fully utilize the upper limit of system performance. Provides the best imaging quality. High efficiency supports multi-dimensional parallel acquisition function, significantly reducing scanning time and providing fast and high quality imaging for the hospital. Humanized and clever humanized structure design, easy to use. High patient friendliness. Also prevents motion artifacts.
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Combined head and neck coils
High signal-to-noise ratio multi-channel, large range, both to obtain excellent imaging quality and a large diagnostic field of view. Easy to use top and bottom detachable structure design for quick placement when using, and light weight for easy handling. Patient comfortThe oversized window on the face is designed to maximize openness and reduce claustrophobia. The ergonomic base curve enhances patient comfort when lying down.
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Thyroid Coils
Ultra-high resolution 16-channel high sensitivity receiving unit, precise focus on bilateral thyroid. Good comfort thermoformed integrated design ensures high sensitivity while providing a comfortable examination experience for patients. The special coil is specially designed for the unique structure of the thyroid gland, and the imaging quality is significantly better than that of the clinical neck coil. High coverage of the imaging area covers the bilateral thyroid gland and surrounding soft tissues, firmly eliminating leakage and misdiagnosis.
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Carotid coils (optional carotid plaque treatment system available)
High-resolution high-density arrays are precisely focused on the bilateral neck, targeting the vessel wall for sub-millimeter high-definition imaging. Good comfort and semi-soft design allows for both patient comfort and high stability. Wide range of maxillofacial applicability, high signal-to-noise ratio can also be used for temporomandibular joint, oral cavity, inner ear imaging, providing high quality imaging.
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