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1.5T superconducting magnets
The superconducting magnet is one of the core components of MRI system, mainly consisting of superconducting coil, cryogenic system, protection and measurement circuit. 1.5T superconducting magnet has high uniformity of magnetic field, zero liquid helium consumption, excellent stability and high cost performance. The high homogeneous magnetic field can improve the image signal-to-noise ratio and meet the demand for scanning special sequences and eccentric parts. The zero liquid helium consumption, excellent stability and cost performance can reduce the equipment and operation cost, and achieve the optimization of the whole product life cycle cost.
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3.0T superconducting magnets
Superconducting magnets are one of the core components of MRI systems, mainly consisting of superconducting coils, cryogenic systems, protection and measurement circuits. 3.0T superconducting magnets are characterized by large pore size, good homogeneity, large homogeneous zone, and zero volatilization of liquid helium, etc. 3.0T superconducting systems can have better image resolution and faster imaging speed, which have significant advantages in diagnostic imaging and significantly improve the accuracy of clinical diagnosis. At the same time, it can provide more powerful technical support for functional imaging molecular imaging.
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7.0T animal imaging magnetic resonance superconducting magnets
The 7.0T magnet is characterized by high field strength, good homogeneity and magnet stability, and is equipped with multiple active homogenization coils to achieve high homogeneity of the imaging area. 7.0T superconducting system can be used for morphological, spectroscopic and functional imaging of small animals, mainly for in vivo imaging at the cellular and molecular levels.   Item     Finger    Standard Central field strength 7.0T Magnetic field stability <0.05ppm/h Magnet uniformity after uniform field <6.3ppm/@120mmDSV 5 Gaussian line range <1.5mX1.5mX2.50m Room temperature pore size 210mm Liquid helium evaporation rate 0ml/h Liquid helium volume 330L Magnet size (L * W * H) 1190mmX992mmX1655mm Magnet weight <1500kg  
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