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7.0T small animal superconducting magnetic resonance system

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7.0T Small Animal Magnetic Resonance Imaging System
  Magnetic resonance imaging is also used to image small animals in addition to clinical diagnosis in humans. Biomedical research using animal models can avoid the risks associated with experiments on humans and overcome the disadvantages of long latency and duration of certain diseases. With high spatial resolution, multi-tissue contrast, no damage to the animal and repeatable scans, the application areas of small animal MRI involve multiple disciplines such as materials science, neuroscience, brain function, pharmacology and genetic research. Since the quality of MRI is directly related to the field strength of the imaging system, the higher the field strength, the better the imaging quality, and the highest field strength of human MRI system is 3.0T. 7.0T small animal MRI system is extremely promising in both basic biomedical research and disease-related applications.   At present, China has made significant progress in the development of MRI systems, and there are several suppliers of MRI systems and key components, but there is only one overseas supplier of ultra-high field strength MRI systems, with high prices and many inconveniences in after-sales maintenance and training. Large domestic research institutions are well funded and can afford the high price, but for other research institutions, the price becomes the main reason for constraints.   The 7.0T small animal MRI system developed by Centron Medical is an ultra-high field animal MRI system with independent intellectual property rights, which breaks the international monopoly and further promotes the application of MRI technology in large scientific projects in China. 7.0T small animal MRI system can be used for morphology, spectroscopy and functional imaging of small animals, mainly for cellular and molecular level in vivo imaging. It is mainly used for in vivo imaging at the cellular and molecular levels.
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